Finding strength within

It’s 4AM (YES, Im blogging at 4:00 AM) and I am holding my squirming babe who appears to have a  belly ache. As I try to rest my heavy eye lids this sentence keeps popping into my head (oh, this head of mine I tell you).

‘What doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.’

Really? Most people are sleeping at 4:00 AM not getting poetic and writing blog posts. Seriously, I must be losing it! I’m coming off a particularly emotionally draining week and heading full force into a physically demanding one.  So maybe I’m not losing it after all..
Last week I struggled with many ‘heart issues’ but jealousy ranked among the top. What an ugly thing it can be. It hardens the heart something terrible. It’s like lava spewing out of a volcano. It pours out with no direction at all and hardens; leaving a path of destruction everywhere it has been. 
Now, as I enter this week my husband is away for business and I am here to ‘man’ the camp. He does not travel often (thank  God!) but when he does it is filled with late nights, sleepless nights, and early mornings. My expectations of myself run high on a daily basis but when I’m flying solo they are ‘over the top’!
I am not super human; so why should I expect to become such? 
However, this week I will try to be ‘different’ I will try to lean on ‘Him’ more and ‘me’ less in an effort to keep the storm at bay I might even try to schedule some me time. Focusing on what is truly important  and not the other 1000 things fighting for my time.
So I leave you with this ‘what doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger.’ This week will certainly not ‘kill’ me. I will be challenged. I will be tired. I will work extra hard. I might feel frustrated. I might get cranky. However, I will come out stronger because I will not do it alone!!


  1. ktownsend says:

    I have had some similar experiences lately and understand exactly what you are saying (although you say it better). So wish we lived closer so we could lean on each other in times like this. You are truly a wonderful spirit and I am blessed to know you. Let’s really try to figure out how to meet up again. Sending hugs and love…Karen

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