Throwback Thursday: homeschool style

Today we are going back in history; its throwback time!’ Here is a homeschool throwback craft we did in ‘2009’ 🙂 look at those tiny feet.

Craft-Footsie Tootsie Bees

You will need;
yellow construction paper
black paper
wax paper
wiggle eyes
glue stick

First trace one of your child’s feet on the yellow paper, then trace each hand on a piece of wax paper (with fingers closed…like a mitten). Cut out pieces. Also cut small strips of black paper (stripes).

Start building your “Footsie Tootsie Bees”
1. Glue the black stripes on the Bee Body (foot)
2. Attach wings (the mitten hands)
Glue on the eyes

Voila…you have your sweet little ones hand and feet in one project! The girls all really enjoyed this one. Our little 4 year old friend enjoyed walking around stinging everyone. We also talked about the purpose of bees and pollination. If I owned the Bee Movie  we would have watched it!

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