WEE book review

With all of our Spring homeschool activities and the ever changing weather I am always looking ahead onto the next Season. I like to think of myself as a natural born planner/organizer but that being said I am far from perfect! I still need all the support, help, and aid from other people I can get!

While reading The Homeschool Minute I decided to check out some of the WEE Books they had to offer. For those of you not familiar with The Old Schoolhouse Magazine I highly recommend you check it out they offer tons of ideas, support, and materials to homeschooling parents. Even if you don’t homeschool some of the tips and advice could still be applied warmly to your parenting.

I was not sure if any of the WEE Books would be of much help to me since my children are still so young, but I was delightfully surprised when I indeed found some! The WEE Books are mini books that you can enjoy online (PDF format). Truly, a quick getaway for mom!! In fact I ended up reading 3!!! I’m hooked!!

The first one I wanted to share with all of you was “Beating the Summertime Blues”. We have all been there the cool fresh air of spring quickly turns into 90 degrees and echoing in the back room you here “I’m bored”. This WEE Book helps put the fresh air feeling back into your summer plans. Whether you homeschool year round or take a break Kim Kautzer reminds us to take time for ourselves, don’t over schedule, and she offers many other great “Summertime Blues Busters”!!

So for $1.95 (less than a cup of coffee) it was a great escape in my morning routine (that’s quite a compliment from this coffee loving mother)!! I hope you will join me.. check out the WEE Books yourself and I would love to hear what you are reading about too!!

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