Well, here we are one day after surgery this picture was taken (5 hours after) still smiling! God love her!!! Our little Boo did great. Surgery itself lasted about 1 hour and we were in and out in 4. I can’t say enough good things about the organization, timeliness, and overall care we got from Children’s Hospital. They did a wonderful job caring for my sweet little one.

Her cyst was bigger than what we (and her Doctor) initially thought. It was a bit larger than a marble (oblong shaped) and tucked a bit under the bone. Over all she has done wonderful…kicked her IV out of her foot, kicked the infrared monitor off…..sounds like my spunky little bear!
Already playing with toys and kept a smile for most of the day. Last night was a bit hard at times I could tell she was frustrated and a bit annoyed with the tape on her eye. I would be too! This morning her eye is a bit swollen but I’m sure that too shall pass. I truly think the worst part is her coughing from being intubated during surgery.

Thank you for all of your prayers and on going support!!

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