Random Schooling

School has been a bit random over here (especially with taking pictures). We have had really nice weather 70’s and have just been enjoying the out doors for a change. A little hands on learning; catching bugs, touching a worm for the first time, and looking at flowers bloom!

Boo enjoyed her first ride in the swing (although, she does get VERY nervous)!! Her little hands tremble but big Sissy is always near by to console her in times of need.

This picture was Easter morning when A got her “oolaoop”! This long awaited purple hoolahoop…I think we can say is some P.E (physical education) at least for Mom. “Mommy can you “jiggle” like this?” O’boy what a sight!! Im glad the blinds were shut!! Daddy even got in on the fun and gave it a try (he was about as good as Mommy).

We also made some blueberry flax seed muffins with our friends one day mixed in all of the craziness of Boo’s surgery, Easter craziness, and beautiful weather! The girls all took turns putting ingredients in the bowl and stirring! O.K so we added a few chocolate chips too!!

I praying for some quiet times ahead!!

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