Tot-School/Prek Valentines

A bit delayed but better late than never, I guess….here is a peak at some of the Valentine fun we enjoyed!! It is a tradition in our home to make chocolate covered strawberries… and this was the first year that I did not do most of it myself. Pumpkin took charge and did a great job 🙂 she is my little chef in the making.

K. Bear is being introduced to the kitchen basics as well….or should I say she is our professional taste tester??!!

Pumpkin in deep concentration as the dipping begins…

Some of our random ‘school’ projects for the week were as follows; a little heart lacing project for Pumpkin.
K.Bear had her first lesson in sorting…we did several sorting activities throughout the week using a heart ice cube tray from Target. K.Bear had a blast with these giant tongs… 🙂

Pumpkin is an old pro at sorting at this point but she still enjoys doing ‘tray’ activities. After all a little extra help/practice with fine motor skills never hurt anyone…

What Valentines would not be complete with out the “party”? This year we enjoyed a very informal party (no fuss style) with our homeschool co-op. It was very nice!! The kids all brought their decorated boxes and passed out valentines. We also did a sticker exchange instead of ‘candy’ treats. Our lesson for the morning was on “heart health”. Even little K.Bear can tell you where her heart is now and Pumpkin loves to make her heart beat fast & slow.

We did not let the kids open their “prizes” from their friends until they arrived home. Pumpkin sat on the floor looking at every card, sticker, and treat in her special mail box. K.bear found the only sucker in her box , ripped it open, and began to eat it!!!

Happy belated Valentines from our little school to yours!!

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