Bits of Boo

I apologize for any duplicate pictures in this post. One of the main reasons I blog is to capture those growing moments that pass so quickly in my kids lives. With 2 kids 4 years and under and #3 on the way scrapbooking has taken a back seat in my life…and blogging has allowed me the opportunity to capture those moments (the best I can) and keep track of it all (for now)!!

Someday it may end up in a book…maybe when they are 18?!

Boo just loves doing school…it is wonderful!! This little ball of energy can’t get enough ‘circle time’!! We start most days singing songs, doing Ring-Around the Rosie, calendar (and songs), we read a story (or more), and do Bible together. Sounds good doesn’t it?? ….I should mention the 100 ‘x I say ‘sit on your bottom’ fighting….hold on I have to get a diaper…I just wanted you to get the full effect!! Boo has most recently been introduced to sorting. We have been working on sorting colors (red and blue), transferring various items into ice cube trays, and using a spoon to transfer as well.

We are easing my baby girl into the kitchen..big sissy loves to cook… so far Im thinking …Boo likes to eat more!! We made chocolate covered strawberries…..

She had fun while eating it but boy did she scream for clean up!! The messier Boo is the happier she is!! I often call her my little ‘pig pen’ 🙂 O.k… she does like to get messy…. however, the kid loves to clean too!!

That’s right, my 18 mo old is using a swiffer to clean the T.V a girl after my own heart!! 🙂 Both of my kids have inherited mine and my husbands OCD tendencies. They like order and cleanliness!! Now, on any typical day if you randomly stopped by you would find a hurricane of toys all over the living room….unfolded laundry waiting patiently to be put away…and my sink full of dishes waiting to hop in the dishwasher. I have what I call my two ”crunch times’ of a day before nap and before Daddy gets home!!! So to my precious husband if you want to think of your wife as ‘super mom’ don’t surprise us and come home early unless you wear a blind fold!!

My little snacker…ripped open her Valentines as quickly as possible just to get to this sucker.

Some of Boo’s most recent accomplishments

Mama, Dada, Abba, Nonna, Papa, Ball, Please (Pease), PooPoo (Papooh), Puppy, Drink (ink), Ummmm (food), Hi, panpapes (pancakes), baby, lalalala (Isabella), JJ (Jayden), there are more…Im drawing a blank (see why I blog?!)

Sign language: more, drink/cup, thank you, please, thank you, stars, all done

Gross Motor/Fine Motor: climbing the kitchen chair, on/off the couch, climb up stairs (down with assistance), stacking blocks, and stringing items on pipe cleaners

Favorite thing to do: Eat

Bed Time: 6:30-7 (wake 7:00 AM)

Best things about Boo: Her zest for life….her spunky attitude…her silly personality…her love to make people laugh even at such a young age…her adoration for babies….her big brown eyes & super long eye lashes…her undeniable love for her family!!

Thanks for reading my “Bits of Boo” I hope this helps you get to know her better and most importantly it helped me capture some of those moments that can so easily be forgotten!!

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