Some PreK Fun

I wanted to share a few of our recent projects we have done over the past couple weeks at ‘weeexplorers’; most of them have to do with the letter “Ff” as we used that as our primary focus letter for our first week ‘back to school’. Pumpkin knows her letters and sounds but we are now changing gears a bit focusing more on writing the letters. We are using Hand Writing Without Tears…which so far I am really enjoying!!

Our hand print fish came out super cute….my only advice on this one is plan ahead because you have to wait to do each step!!
1) Paint hand and stamp it
2) Let dry and glue eyeball on
3) Color/water color some water for your fish to swim

Pumpkin is exploring with our HWWT homemade mat board and ‘pieces’ complements of my dear friend Andi 🙂 We have been taking the letters very, VERY slowly because Pumpkin tends to have the ‘I know how to do this’ attitude when it comes to writing. The girl loves to write but she does not want help…which makes mommy a bit crazy at times. I try to be patient and make it fun so that the letters are formed correctly. Patience, patience, patience….

What “Ff” week would not be complete without gold fish? Pumpkin had to sort and count each color before she ate them 🙂

We also made “sun catcher fish” these came out absolutely beautiful if I don’t say so myself. I simply cut a fish pattern out of contact paper and the girls attached little tissue paper squares. Super easy!! Pumpkin helped me glue the eyes on and then we hung them for all to see!!

Hope you enjoyed our intro to PreK….much, much , more still to come!!

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