Tot School Fall Style

I haven’t been very good at posting on here lately, but we have been very busy learning and exploring here are a few of the things that we have done in the past couple weeks during our school time together. Mommy has not been very good at downloading all of them on the computer lately. To much to do and so little time. First, we had school “camping style” coloring pictures in our new tent that we got for our 3rd Birthday. Abby thought this was really fun and enjoyed learning about the Alphabet and just coloring pictures inside her secret hang out.

We dyed rice in fall colors and enjoyed playing with our new sensory bucket. Measuring, scooping, and just making a rice mess!! But that’s ok it was not anything the vacuum could not clean up.

Abby really loves Curious George and wanted to look for worms like George this particular morning. Mom had to put on her thinking cap because it was really rainy. So we made worms out of yarn and hid them in our dry milk sensory bucket. Therefore, we dug for worms in the sand and stayed dry all the while.

And for a little file folder fun we matched colors with little raccoon images. The word colors match up to the actual colors themselves. Abby did great at this and we now make a little game out of it.

Finally, one of our other on going projects over here is our indoor garden. We planted seeds from our Chia Pet Herb Garden Abby did the entire thing and this is her little prized possession. Mommy does not have a green thumb, but Abby sure does like to care for the plants in our house. More power to you kiddo!!

Come join us and others teaching our Tots at home!!

Tot School

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