Pudding Painting

So if you read my other blog you know that I have had an awful lot on my plate lately, but that doesn’t stop a 1 and 4 year old from having fun!! Pumpkin is starting her 3rd week of preschool and seems to be enjoying herself. Im still not competely sold on the “school thing” I try to tell myself leave it alone there is enough going on right now. We have not let home schooling go by the way side we are keeping up with that as well so I thought (although a bit late) I would share our last days of summer pudding party!!

We invited a few of our neighborhood friends over . The kids each had a little container of pudding, a paint brush, and went to town!! At first the kids were not sure what to make of this…but quickly they caught on and went to town! Our pudding was chocolate and Pumpkin couldn’t resist to try a little. 🙂
Running around the back yard, squeals of laughter, and a real hoot to watch!! This ended up being one of my favorite Summer time memories!! We will certainly be doing this again. What a fun sensory activity. If you are lucky enough to live somewhere warm or if you have an Indian Summer you have to do this…bring out the camera and snap away!!

Time for a breather!! We washed the kids off with a hose and they were exhausted…just in time for dinner.

Senses, butterflys, and more!!

The best part of summer is being outdoors and we have really been taking advantage of the cooler weather. Mommy and Daddy’s electric bill is saying “thank you” to mother nature as well! For some sensory fun the girls enjoyed playing in the dry pool with 175 colorful balls (I don’t know what Santa was thinking sending these our way last Christmas!!)

F0r a cool sensory treat we enjoyed some Dip’N’Dots at the local Zoo these were a big hit and very refreshing after walking around for hours.

Our most recent school highlight was the “Butterfly Release Party” thanks Andi for letting us join in on the fun!! We enjoyed meeting up with our friends each week to watch the caterpillars change form. Some of the books we enjoyed along the way ; The Very Hungry Catepillar, Angelina and the Butterfly (Angelina Ballerina), and Fancy Nancy: Bonjour, Butterfly.

Pumpkin still has no interest in learning her letters although I have found she does know more of them than once thought. She has really taken a liking to writing and we are working on this daily now. The excitement when she does it correctly is priceless.

We have also started working with some of our Mailbox kits. If you are not familiar with these be sure to check them out…..Pumpkin does really well with them!! A bit more challenging than some file folder games., but learning through play none the less!! Well worth the $$ we got ours at a local teacher store going out of business.

Thanks for visiting out “school” and be sure to check out others doing the same at “Tot-School“.

Tot School Fall Style

I haven’t been very good at posting on here lately, but we have been very busy learning and exploring here are a few of the things that we have done in the past couple weeks during our school time together. Mommy has not been very good at downloading all of them on the computer lately. To much to do and so little time. First, we had school “camping style” coloring pictures in our new tent that we got for our 3rd Birthday. Abby thought this was really fun and enjoyed learning about the Alphabet and just coloring pictures inside her secret hang out.

We dyed rice in fall colors and enjoyed playing with our new sensory bucket. Measuring, scooping, and just making a rice mess!! But that’s ok it was not anything the vacuum could not clean up.

Abby really loves Curious George and wanted to look for worms like George this particular morning. Mom had to put on her thinking cap because it was really rainy. So we made worms out of yarn and hid them in our dry milk sensory bucket. Therefore, we dug for worms in the sand and stayed dry all the while.

And for a little file folder fun we matched colors with little raccoon images. The word colors match up to the actual colors themselves. Abby did great at this and we now make a little game out of it.

Finally, one of our other on going projects over here is our indoor garden. We planted seeds from our Chia Pet Herb Garden Abby did the entire thing and this is her little prized possession. Mommy does not have a green thumb, but Abby sure does like to care for the plants in our house. More power to you kiddo!!

Come join us and others teaching our Tots at home!!

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