My Home

I’m officially back home. Yes, that is what I’ve concluded; this my friends is my home at “A Mothers Journey“. This is where you get a closer look at me and the behind the scenes of my family. This is where dreams are born, friends are made, and the waves of my mothering journey are revealed. Like it, share with others, or subscribe by email: grab your life ring because we are going on a ride.

A healthy living, homeschooling, gluten/dairy/corn/ intolerance, family kind of adventure ride.

As some of you know, I have not been missing from the blogging world entirely. I have been chasing dreams over at Keystone Ministry and Sister2SisterJourney. However, something has been missing. My home! A piece of my heart felt empty and I have been longing to make my way back here. The sight is currently getting a make over but isn’t that what a home is; a work in progress at all times? It is the building foundation from which all else rests upon.

This my friends is where the seeds are firmly planted, flowers bloom, and gradually blossom for the world to see. Anchored deep in love; through good times and bad. We are just one real family making our journey through life to our ultimate resting place with HIM. I hope you will join me.

Today I’m linking up with the beautiful Crystal Stine as we take you ‘Behind the Scenes”  be sure to hop on over.


  1. Jenny Irvine says:

    Thanks Tonya, this has been such an internal struggle for me as I’m so OCD the sight does not look just as I would hope before coming back but all good things take time and all things in His perfect time. Thanks friend! Hugs! So wish I could have been there to give you a real one the other day….few more weeks 🙂

  2. Vanessa says:

    Welcome home, friend!!! So glad that you are finding your place here and taking up roots in a new spot. Cannot wait to see what flowers He brings to your life here!!! Hope you’re having a great week!!

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