February Challenge “Family”

February is well upon us and it is time for my “12 months of bliss” challenge update!! In January my New Years challenge was “focus”….and Im happy to say that is just what I did!! 🙂 At times it was not easy and life has its way of taking over…

One of the things I focused most on was my “time” and how it was spent. Whom do I spend the most time with? What is important to me? When life got crazy it was like a breath of fresh air to “focus” on the here and now…rather than the whats to come. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the what would of should of been we virtually lose the here and now!

Bring me to my “February challenge” 🙂 Family!!! Whether you are married, single, have 1 child or 20….we all have one “family”!! I am choosing to focus solely on my immediate family at this time…mainly my husband and children. I do not come from a large family nor does my husband but “family” is something I hold very near and dear to my heart. God chose the family we have for us…they make us laugh..they make us cry…they make us just plain crazy at times!! The fact is that it was the one chosen for you so make the best of it!!

In choosing to focus on my little family I do this not to exclude Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and Cousins but simply to make the foundation of our home stronger. As wonderful as families can be they are also unintentionally the center of many disagreements. When a husband and wife marry it is then that “one officially leaves the nest” so to speak….this does not mean you abandon those who raised you simply put “you start a new”. You look to those who raised you for continued guidance, love, and support…but in a new light!!

Bringing me to why a solid foundation is crucial in building your family. You only get one shot!!! Do it right!!

Who do you want your children to turn to when they are grown?

Who do you want your children to associate with now? In the future?

How can you best see that your children find comfort in coming to you?

The best gift to a child is a good marriage….so don’t forget that husband 🙂 show appreciation, love, support, communicate, communicate, communicate, and see that each others spiritual, sexual, and social needs are being met. You will never hear me refer to my husband as my child…he is not!! I am not responsible for him…we are simply coaches for a great team!! A team that has 2 sweet little girls and a little bouncing baby boy coming in June!! We coach together and with one great vision…a solid foundation!!!

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