1st Day…back to homeschool!!

O’wow!!! What a road it has been over here the past few months!! However, I am so excited to say that Pumpkin is officially done with preschool!! You are probably thinking…what? Well, after a good month of battles off and on about her not wanting to go …it was officially decided “she was done!” and I was even more DONE!! 🙂 For the remainder of this school year and at least next she will be homeschooled for prek and Kindergarten. The school thing is just not for her and quite frankly after trying it 2x’s in 2 years Im not so sure it is for our family.
Pumpkin (4), KBear(18mo), and Peaches (8mo) loved their “First Day of Homeschool” and so did I!! Complete with circle time, tot-trays…lesson plans..O’my!! I have been busy I have lots to share 🙂

Below are a few pics. of some of the recent homemade things that we have done not in any particular order..K.Bear enjoyed painting with ice (good clean fun).
Pumpkin LoVeS letters and sounds so I recently made a file folder game using an alphabet strip from the dollar store. I simply cut the strip apart and glued the uppercase letters to the folder. I then laminated the lowercase letters so that she could match them again and again.

One of K.Bears favorite things to do is put pop-cycle sticks in the coffee mug she can sit for the longest time doing this (shocking!!!) she is one busy little girl!!

and life would not be complete without some pudding painting over here…we practiced writing our letters in the chocolate and then maybe she licked her a fingers a few times too!!!

Hope you enjoyed some of the inexpensive things that we have done recently and Im looking forward to sharing many, many more of the fun things that we have been up to lately!!

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