TotSchool from Blocks-Brownies

K-Bear is really enjoying her time in “Tot-School” she is a born natural (except for the eating of crayons part). Most of all she is enjoying all of her time with big sis-Pumpkin and little friend Peaches. Last week was our first “official” week back to school after a very long break!! We jumped right in with Pumpkin doing preK, K-Bear in “tot-school”, and Peaches enjoys “tiny tot time”.

A batch of brownies warmed everyone’s tummy (including prego mommy!!)

Peaches and K-Bear enjoyed some building/block time together while Pumpkin worked on school with mommy. We have obviously not mastered stacking them yet. Eating the blocks, throwing them, and dumping them was way more fun!!

K-bear was not sure what to do with this at first but soon she got into it…”ice painting” she learned that ice is cold and that it melts 🙂 even better the mess was minimal!!

We have been working with our Melissa and Doug lacing blocks for sometime using the laces which it comes with. I found it to be difficult for a just turned 18 mo old so we resorted to using pipe cleaners which worked much better for her. K-bear was a lot less frustrated and her proud little face when she got one on was priceless!!

Thanks for joining us on our first week back to “tot-school” !

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