2 Become 1

Nope not a wedding, I’m talking about my blogs!! I have officially decided that I will be combining my two blogs (this one and my homeschool blog). Mostly for my own sanity these days!

Long before we actually began homeschooling Pumpkin ( and now Boo too!) I read countless books, blogs, etc. saying “homeschooling is a lifestyle”. Well, my thoughts were “yeah, whatever!” Now, one full “official” year under our belt and another soon to follow; I am here to tell you….yes, it is a lifestyle.  My days revolve around school and “our school” revolves around “our life”. I love being a mother and I love homeschooling our children!! It no longer makes sense to keep the “two” separate.

I am excited to “blend” the two and Im sure you will be “entertained” along the way. I will periodically be posting blog entries from “Wee Explorers” to trickle in the transition….the “construction” I promise will be full of laughs, crafts, lesson plans, and sooo much more from my “3” little monkeys!!

And for those who might “not quite” be on board with homeschooling….we are all entitled to our opinions…all I ask is kind words, well wishes, and blessings along the way. Just as we do to you we appreciate the same in return. It makes the world a better place!!