Bucket Lists and Boating Begin

So here we are wrapping up another school year. Summer vacation is lurking around the corner and much excitement is in the air. The boat is in the water, our grandparents pool is open, and the sunscreen bottles are already getting a work out. It is suppose to be a rainy weekend here so my plans for the weekend will include; wrapping up loose school ends (oh, how I love paper work/record keeping. Ummm, not really!) finishing the garden, and completing this years family ‘Summer Bucket List’.  So be sure to stay tune as I share some of what we will be doing this Summer.


How about you? Does your family have any big plans for Summer? How do you plan on keeping your kids busy? 

I know one thing is for sure my four little monkeys will be enjoying plenty of time outdoors; swinging, sliding, swimming, running, and jumping. They will do what kids do best get dirty play. There will be loads upon loads of wet laundry and sandy clothes. In the end those are the things memories are made of. Its not about how much money you spent on the best camp. Nor is it about achieving that ‘perfect’ summer; its about making memories, spending time together, and enjoying even the small things.

Mr. Smiles (almost 3)

Busy Bee (9 months)

 However, I also know without a plan that early excitement of nice weather can quickly turn to boredom without a plan.  So I hope you will join me in making this the best Summer ever for our families. Let the list making begin!

Pumpkin (7 years old)
K.Bear (4 years old)

I will unveil our “Summer Bucket List” later next week so be sure to ‘follow’ along. Also don’t forget to share in the comment section what your plans are. I love hearing from you!

Backyard Gardening; Lessons Learned In Nature a Step Back in Time

%22Natural Inspires Creativity ...In Nature a Child Finds Freedom, Fantasy, Privacy...%22

The girls have been learning about gardening, organic farming, and nutrition! All from our little ‘back yard berry farm’. There is nothing quite like picking your own strawberries or raspberries and eating them the next morning for breakfast. I love seeing how excited the girls get to share their back yard gardens with friends. One of the greatest joys in teaching our children is ‘watching’ them teach others!

We are also enjoying our weekends away on the boat. Rain or shine……
All 3 children took part in this years ‘Island Beautification’ clean up. There were 20-30 mph winds but we were there and even my tiny tot put in a good effort.

Pumpkin got to ride the tractor with Daddy ….I love that my little girl still talks about “Mommy, when we move to our farm …”. A long time dream of mine (that I obviously instilled in our children)…..a dream that will likely stay that way for at least awhile.

{Making the dreams for Tomorrow Today’s Reality….see, you never know what life has in store for you. Do you have a dream? Where do you want to be? Never say never, little did I know back in 2012 we would move to our 10 acre homestead just three short years later.}

Looks like our little backyard “farm” will have to do…life is after all what you make of it! In the mean time we will always jump on board with any “farm” type opportunities in our house.


We are also taking advantage of any/all outside ‘nature science’ opportunities. Visits to the park have allowed us to capture God’s creations  big and small in action; toads, ducks, duck eggs, pesky bugs, fish flies, pollinating bees, rabbits, and we have had some great science lessons on birds as well (thanks, Daddy for hanging all of our bird feeders)!

Happy Fathers Day!

 Thanks for always being there for me when I need you most. We are a perfect pair! Where I fall short you certainly pick up the pieces!! Our life is crazy with so many little ones but some how we make it work. I love you more than words can say… “Happy Fathers Day” to my loving and wonderful husband!! You are a great Dad, a wonderful role model, hard worker, and MUCH deserving of this special day!! Thanks for all you do for us everyday….xoxox

 K. Bear giving Daddy a little ‘cuddle’ ….she looks sad but she is really just soaking up her Daddy time! Daddy then fixed her finger which had a sliver in it. What a little trooper …K.Bear never even flinched thanks to Daddy’s gentle touch.

 Our little fish …Pumpkin is most likely to be seen in a pool, at the beach, on a boat, or soaking in the tub! The girl can’t seem to get enough of the water!

 Did someone say “Watermelon”? Just as Pumpkin is rarely photographed outside of the water….Mr. Smiles and K.Bear are typically eating!! I fear our grocery bill when they are teenagers. Mr. Smiles just had a well visit weighing in at a whopping 27 lbs he is in the 25-50% for height and weight. The tiny princess K.Bear (22 months older) weighs 29lbs!! I foresee the little man passing her up in the near future. Time will tell….

A fathers day weekend full of work and play! We hope our Daddy enjoyed his special day!!