WEE love Winter

“Wee” love winter…well sort of!! I drink way more coffee, dressing the kids in 10 layers just to go to the library is not exactly a favorite of mine, and the wet sloppy boots leaving wet puddles on our tiny landing is priceless. 
Other that that I love Winter!!!

We recently made “hole punch” snowflakes. I must say either my hole punch is really hard to push or this project was just not well suited for my little ones. This was one of those projects looks great but Mommy did the entire thing. I will be switching up a few things next time for sure to make it easier for the munchkins.

I’m not sure if this counts as school, but my little man has been busy at work these days…learning how to use a sippy cup, trying new foods (banana’s being his favorite), and scooting around (mostly backwards) at 7months old…he is happily progressing right along!

Family sledding day… this was the first time for Boo and Mr. Smiles (yes, the baby did go down too). The girls had an absolute blast and Mr. Smiles was a lil’trooper …

This Winter we have had snow on the ground about 95% of the time. Unfortunately, we have not had any good snow storms. The sledding hill is not far from our home and is extremely little kid friendly. The hill tends to be very quiet and not steep (hence why Mr. Smiles got to enjoy a ride with Mommy too)!!

As usual I was trying to capture the moment…just one last picture kids!

As we are chugging right along in our school work, enjoying some family time,  and trying to stay warm in the North. I hope you all are doing the same! Some things up and coming; our 2010/2011 curriculum plans are under way, new chore charts, more field trips, new extracurricular activities, and lots more!!
2011 promises to be a fun filled year for our little ones!!