On a Jet Plane…

Right about now, I am flying (something I have not done in almost 6 years). I am likely nervous, excited, and hopefully finding comfort with my coffee cup and a good book in hand. After all it’s not everyday that you get to join 100’s of like minded women in community…..

My hope is to refresh my mothering soul. I intend to learn lots and I have plans to pour into you more. Please join me as I pray for all of those who have put a great amount of effort into making this conference a success and for the life changing impact opportunities that are still to come from its labor. As a community we can achieve great things ….

I am so very thankful for this gift.

Giving 40!!

Sunday I sent out an email that included the following;

“Lent is upon us! Did you know? Lent is from the Anglo-Saxon word lengten, which means spring. [From Modern Catholic Dictionary by John Hardon, S.J.]”

“During Lent we often think of “giving things up” i.e candy, chocolate, coffee, etc. When in fact; it is a time to reflect on our lives, and take hold of opportunities to live richer, sin free lives. It is “leaving behind an old way of living and acting in order to embrace new life in Christ.”

“That said, I have decided this year (since my children are so young we are going to commit to a minimum of 40 hours of service over the rest of the year. Although, I would love to complete 40 hours of service during lent alone I do not know that our schedule allows for such a commitment (we shall see!)”.

“So yes, we are doing approximately 5 hours of service a month!! In such a self centered world I think it is important to teach my children that the sun does not rise and set for him/her alone!!”

“So, how does this affect you? Along the way we maybe inviting you to serve along way or present opportunities of “Almsgiving” as a sign of our care for those in need and an expression of our gratitude for all that God has given to us.”

First up;

A family that my children and I know (they are in our MOPS group as well as a few homeschool groups we associate with!) is in need!! Their home caught fire Saturday morning. (SIDE NOTE: We do not know this family personally…simply have exchanged smiles, a few words here and there. A sweet family indeed and most deserving as I myself can not imagine losing everything.) Did I mention this family has 10 kids?

“The kids and I will be putting together “little” care packages for each of the 10 children so I would LOVE your help in doing so :)”

SOOO…that was the plan, right?

Well, my home has since been turned into a full fledge donation center..skip the care packages! I quickly came to realize the amount of donations coming in for this family far exceeds anything that I could put in a few boxes. The need was great and God has certainly provided. The family is doing well, I have since been in contact with Mom several times. Donations are all being held at a kind woman’s home who has given up her garage for the time being to store everything. There is talk of a sort of “rummage” sale to raise money for the family. Since the out pouring love, prayers, and generosity far exceeds what they themselves and surely myself expected.

Remember I was thinking care packages?! Here is roughly what has been collect in just “5” days (keep in mind this is ONLY what I have here…there are several others “housing” things)

Toys (legos, play sets, etc.)
Soap (bar and liquid)
Hair stuff (combs, brushes,  pony holders)
Clothes (all sizes)
pantry items (beans, tomatoes, applesauce)
cereal and snacks
gift cards…

And the list continues…the outpouring love (again) for a family which I barely know has been a true testament as to the number of lives we do not know we touch on a daily basis. I can guarantee this family had no idea how many would come forth to “help” them. It is amazing to see the number of people they (a family of 12) have “touched” over the years. So I leave you with this….

Although, we may only exchange a smile, a quick “hello”, or no “exchange” of communication at all with someone….that “someone” may just be the person/s who will help you along the way when you need it the most.

The saying “think before you act!” There is something to be said about “nice” people. And this local family truly “ranks among some of the nicest” clearly by the shear amount of support seen in a just a few short days!

Feed the Hungry

Here are the pictures of Pumpkin packing the lunch for the homeless man! She had a lot of fun stuffing little snacks in the bag for him. Im sure she liked that she got to get a hot chocolate with Mommy afterwords too.

A peanut butter and jelly sandwich, granola bar, chips, and water! O.k so I have to say the homeless man was not on the same street as usual so we did have to drive up one more mile to find someone but none the less we were able to give our lunch away.

Lastly, Pumpkin made a special “May God Bless You” card for the man and added her artistic touch to it! So whether the man was actually homeless or hungry the thought was there. Give and keep giving!!

Fun Little Song for Kids (like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)

Thank you for the Sun so bright
Thank you for the Moon at night
Thank you for my family
Thank you my friends that play with me
I am Thankful for everything I see
I am Thankful, Yesiree!