Sick (again)!!

So we have been sick (again) in our home…Flu! Fevers! Pink Eye! You name it we have had it covered!!

Since school has consisted of a lot of couch, reading, and cuddle time minus pictures be sure to hop on over to HERE for our Monthly Food Menu and be sure to enter my “Loving Motherhood”  Give Away while your there!!

Hope this picture brightens your day…because I am longing for some real spring weather over here!! Have a wonderful weekend with your families!!

Munchie Mug Give Away

Boy, I forgot how much I LOVE blogging 🙂

This morning I even got back into the “give-aways” Im not a very lucky person by nature so it always shocks me when/if I win anything 🙂 this one certainly does look fun though!! Check out Mama to 3 Blessings for more on the Munchie Mug.

With soon to be 3 kids of my own under 5 and babysitting another (under 5) the snacks get out of control!! If it is spill proof it is for me….don’t forget to check it out!!