Homestead Kids Learn How to Make and Can Strawberry Raspberry Spiced Jam

Homestead Kids Learn How to Make Strawberry Raspberry Spiced Jam

Join us as our homestead kids learn how to make jam.

I didn’t grow up canning it was a craft that both inspired and scared me to pieces. In fact, the entire process was somewhat of a mystery to me. If we go to the store and buy jam off the shelf it’s sealed – bam, done! No thought… no appreciation for the entire process.

The combination of being intrigued by the process, my love for learning, and my ever growing desire to be more self reliant  – I knew the time had come; I had to learn how to can. If we were growing our own food it only made sense that I would naturally want to preserve it for the weeks, months, and year to come.

However, more importantly than that I knew it was a skill I wanted to pass onto our children. As it is not only my desire to teach them ‘how to’ can but, to give them the tools to not only survive but, thrive.

May they never take for granted the simple process of buying food from the grocery store but, always have a natural curiosity and appreciation for how it all works.

Are you new to canning?

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Homestead Kids; Learn How to Make and Can Jam


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How to Make and Can Spiced Strawberry Jam

How to Transplant Tomato Seedlings With How to Video


How to grow tomato seeds and how to transplant tomato seedlings - includes a how to video and pics for step by step beginner gardening

How to Transplant Tomato Seedlings 

Are you hoping to grow a garden this year? One of the first plants I would recommend trying is the tomato plant. The yield is typically quite plentiful and the fruit is very multi-functional – from salads to sauces thus, making the tomato plant one of my personal favorites.

But, how do you do it?

It’s actually easier than you might think. Using a seed starting container like this one below

{affilink} Seed Starting Greenhouse - Growing Plants from Seeds and How to Transplant


Carefully fill slots with dirt {I prefer an organic starter}

Then, simply take your tomato seeds {preferably non-GMO, non-hybrid, organic} I like to buy mine here whenever possible.

Carefully water seeds {try not to over water…remember the seeds are just tiny at this point and don’t require a full fledged flooding}, if your greenhouse seed starting tray has a lid – cover and place in a sunny window. If you do not have a lid, you may opt to cover with plastic wrap to lock in heat until sprouting occurs. Water daily and wait for the sprouting to begin.

As your seedlings start to sprout and develop {2-3 leaves} it is time to separate and transplant into a bigger pot. If you planted several seeds in one cell of your original seed starting tray you will either have to 1) separate the new tomato sprouts 2) cut the weaker of the two plants to allow optimal growth {if too many plants are planted in the same cell and not eliminated they will become root bound and will not be able to get the nutrients they need.}

So, you’re asking is it totally necessary to eliminate a perfectly good sprout- and, the answer is yes! You must separate or eliminate the weak ones…. {FYI chickens love the little sprouted seedlings this makes the heartache of plucking perfectly good little spouts a little easier – at least then they aren’t going to waste.}

Ok., now the fun part – carefully take your ‘chosen’ seedlings out of their original seedling tray – transferring them to a pre filled larger pot

like this –> Plastic Pots for Plants, Cuttings & Seedlings, 4-Inch, 30-Pack

Now, see my seedlings below – do you see all that ‘fuzzy’ looking stuff on the stem? When transplanting your seedlings into the larger pots {like the ones above} you will want to completely cover up all that ‘fuzz’ {yes, that’s the technical term..LOL}. Cover with dirt up to the leaves. How to grow tomato seeds and how to transplant tomato seedlings - includes a how to video and pics for step by step beginner gardening As your seedling begins to grow larger all of that ‘fuzz’ will become new roots – pretty amazing, right? Want to see how I did mine? You can watch the video HERE

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How to Transplant Tomato Seedlings

How to Harvest Broccoli Seeds For Next Years Homestead Garden


How to save broccoli seeds and do a seed germination test

Have you ever wondered how to save and harvest broccoli seeds? Before having a garden myself I never gave much thought as to where broccoli seeds came from. However, in an effort to be more self reliant I also knew learning how to save seeds was essential.

Upon planting your garden designate a few broccoli plants to be ‘seed plants’ thus choosing not to eat the beautiful broccoli heads which emerge. In order for a broccoli plant to go to seed you let it go past its ideal harvesting time. Your bolted plant will begin to mature and turn from green to yellow. Once the flowers bloom they will then become ‘pods’ – the newly formed pods will contain the seeds.

Once all the flowers have become pods – clip and hang the broccoli stem in a cool, dry place for a minimum of two weeks. Once dry carefully remove the dried pods from the plant. Separate the chaff from the broccoli seeds. Store in a seed envelope – seeds may be stored properly for up to 5 years

Where I buy my seeds;

Seed Saver Exchange

High Mowing Seeds

My Favorite Homestead Gardening Books;



{and, one for the kids}