DIY Water Color Ice Paint

DIY Water Color Ice Paint

Summer has officially begun in our house- swim lessons are well under way, the boat has set sail many times, and we are diving feet first into our 50 summer activities for kids. Like so many other kids- painting always seems to rank among my kids favorite “things to do list“. This activity is a combination of art, science, and sensory time fun. The beautiful color combinations, the coolness of the ice as your little ones paint, and well, the art part goes without saying. It is not very time consuming and with a little planning ahead he or she will be painting the rainbow in no time.

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You will need;
Kids, art class, sensory bin, water colors


  • Add a few drops of food color to each slot of the ice cube tray
  • Fill with water
  • Cover with foil and poke sticks through- placing one stick in each of the 12 slots.
  • Freeze until firmly set and then let your little paint away

DIY Frozen Ice Paints- Summer is just around the corner keep their little hands busy with this multi-sensory activity

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I have been really bad at downloading pictures lately but here is some of the things that we have been working on during “A’s school time”. My last post I mentioned about trying to be more organized/structured (mostly on my end) and ultimately the time spent planning has been well worth my efforts. I created a sheet which I call my focus sheet I plan out 2 weeks worth of learning exercises making sure I focus on all subjects areas. Most important having fun while learning!! I made a new “Tot ToolEgg Carton Counting which I will post more photos of in another post! A was a little distracted as we worked on this but as time went on she started to get the hang of it she even started some simple subtraction as she would eat the Fruit Loops! We would work on “how many are left”?

For a sensory experience we played in chocolate pudding!!! It was fun, messy, and tasted good too! We practiced writing our letters in the chocolate.

I took a part one of our file folder games that I made early on….I just didn’t like how I put it together. So instead we have a new “Raccoon Clothespin Game” that was lots of fun. The raccoons have the color and word printed on them and A had to match the colored clothespin to the coordinating raccoon.
We painted with oranges this was neat and the paper came out beautifully but didn’t hold A’s attention for very long. I think we were done painting and cleaning up in 10 minutes time. It took me longer to roll out the paper.

We also have been enjoying our new felt board that I made. It is far from perfect but it works and A seems to enjoy putting the various pieces up on the board like we do at story time at the library. I am currently working on some themed pieces to go with some stories we read here at home. So far we have a “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” pieces and “If You Give a Pig a Party“. All hand cut pieces out of felt by yours truly.