50 Summer Fun Activities For Kids

Tired of Hearing - "I'm Bored" ? Here's 50 Summer Fun Activities For Kids To Help Keep Those Little Hands and Feet Busy

I don’t know about you but every summer seems to start off with a bang of activity, it fly’s by at lightening speed, and before I know it I’m reading teacher manuals-prepping lesson plans for the fall. 

Where did our summer go? What did we do?
I am a total advocate of letting kids be kids and fostering all things ‘creative’. I want my children to grow up as well rounded, giving, and selfless individuals.
Year after year I see–ha, who am I kidding? I’ve created ‘lists’ of things to do during the Summer months only to fall short and not follow through. This year, I am determined to complete our 50 summer time activities. Not because we need more to do but rather quite the opposite- my family is my focus.
So often we get caught up in the daily grind of life, sporting events, and travel plans- we forget to do life. We forget to be intentional, creative, and free. Free to “let it go” – the house work will be there- the laundry isn’t going anywhere as long as you choose to be clothed- and, the floors will be dirty as long as there is dirt outside. We are inside cooking and cleaning while, the kids run free. Unstructured creative play is so important for brain development – but, so is spending quality time with mom and dad.
Most of these activities are short in duration, require little to no prep, and guarantee some time with those who mean the most. A home is just that- it’s the people in it that really matter- so prepare to step off the ‘priority’ train and cut loose. 
Join us as we dive into summer – print your list and lets get started–we would love to hear all about your family summer adventures so be sure to leave us a comment here or on our facebook page– accountability will be the key to our success- let’s hold hands and see that our kids have the best summer ever. 

50 Summer Activities For Kids

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  1. Have a picnic at a nearby park 
  2. Visit the local splash pad 
  3. Go to the zoo
  4. Deliver treats to the fire department 
  5. Visit the nature center
  6. Go on hike
  7. Visit a bee farm 
  8. Make our own Dairy Free Ice Cream
  9. Buried sandbox treasure hunt (pirate theme)
  10. DIY side walk paint
  11. Keep a Summer nature journal 
  12. Wash the cars
  13. Pick blueberries 
  14. Have a backyard camp out 
  15. Alphabet Adventure Scavenger Hunt 
  16. Attend vacation Bible school
  17. Take swim lessons 
  18. Have a lemonade sale 
  19. Join the local library reading program
  20. Have a tea party luncheon 
  21. Play water balloon toss
  22. Build a fort
  23. Family movie night
  24. Sponge Ball Toss
  25. Watercolor Ice Paint
  26. Have a Frozen party
  27. Family field day 
  28. Make play doh
  29. Tye-dye  night shirts 
  30. Glow stick dance party 
  31. Dinosaur dig 
  32. Make a fairy garden 
  33. DIY Chia Pet
  34. Painted Rock Tick-tack-toe 
  35. DIY stepping stones
  36. Make bubble snakes 
  37. Make your own snow cones 
  38. Write pen pals
  39. Painting with pudding 
  40. Make freezer banana pops 
  41. The Ultimate Cheetos Toss
  42. Painting with yarn 
  43. Go horse back riding 
  44. Milk a cow
  45. Host a book exchange 
  46. Paper plate ping pong tournament 
  47. Indoor hopscotch 
  48. Make paper 
  49. Playdoh animals 
  50. Passport Dinner Experience 

Did you remember to print your summer bucket list? Also don’t forget to visit often as we tackle our summer adventures together- everything is better with great friends.


Spring/Easter Crafts For Kids

My four little bee’s have been busy crafting away lately. The ground is still snow covered here and with each passing day the cabin fever only seems to worsen. Crafting has been one way to combat  some of our cabin fever. After all what kid doesn’t like paint; and, what parent doesn’t love those little stamped hands, and feet?

We made several spring cards to pass out to neighbors and friends. Once the weather breaks we will likely run from house to house out of shear joy. Yes, winter has been that long.

Card 1: Supplies needed 1 sheet of blue paper, white washable paint, pink washable paint, paint brush, wiggle eyes, glue, and permanent marker. Fold the blue paper in half, paint your child’s hand minus the thumb, and place the painted hand strategically on the paper. Let the white paint dry a bit before painting the inner most part of the bunny ear and nose. Place wiggle eyes, draw whiskers, and put a special message. “Some Bunny Loves You” ! I recommend making several cards to keep on hand for all of those “just because” moments.

Card #2: Supplies needed 1 sheet of greet paper, white card stock paper, green washable paint, orange washable paint, black permanent marker. Fold the green paper in half to form the card. Stamp your child’s foot on the white card stock paper. Let it dry. Free hand the carrot greens (I also tried stamping a few fingers to get the same affect) once dry cut carefully around the outer edge of the carrot foot. Glue onto the green “card” and write a special message.

Paper Plate Bunny: Supplies needed   2 paper plates, cotton balls or quilter batting, 2 sheets of card stock paper, pint washable paint, 1 pipe cleaner cut into 4 pieces, wiggle eyes, glue, and hot glue gun, stapler.  

First, paint your child’s hands and feet press down on white card stock paper. Set aside and let dry. Next, rub glue on both paper plates, cover completely with “fluff” of choice. Once hands and feet are dry cut along the outside edge forming the ears and feet of your future “Paper Plate Bunny”. After the plates are dry staple the two together forming a body and head, staple the ears and feet on. Hot glue gun the bunny’s nose and eyes. I then proceeded to staple all of my kids bunny’s onto a piece of thin crochet yarn to make a super cute banner which is displayed in our dining room. 

St.Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids

If your feeling especially crafty this week here are some fun crafts to keep you and the kids busy during these remaining unpredictable days of winter. My personal favorite was the hand print rainbow. I have them all hanging on our front door and those precious little hands at the end of a long day just make me smile. 

If the project involves paint it is pretty much guaranteed to be a home run in our house. I promise our lent crafts will not include so much mess. Just remember they are only little once and use washable paint.

This project has been a long standing favorite of my kids.

Supplies List;
Green Paint
A Pepper with the top cut off length wise and de-seeded.
Large (I recommend heavier stock) paper
A bowl

Simply squirt a desired amount of paint in the bowl. Give each child a pepper and paper and go to town. Even my 18mo old got in on all the action this year. He got a bit messy but it was all worth the smiles and giggles.