Adventures of Alaska

With pass ports in hand we have taken off on a USA Adventure!! Hope you will join us along the way!!

First stop is Alaska….for more on our Journey be sure to join us HERE!

Sugar Cube Igloo
I mixed 1egg white with 11/4 c. powder sugar for the ‘glue’
1 Box of sugar cubes (I bought ours at Meijer)
Draw a circle on a piece of cardboard and start building!!
Super Easy!! And Tons of Fun!!

What were Igloo’s used for?

You can tell by the pictures that my girls were in deep thought during this project. However, they both did lose interest by the end (it took an hour). The initial few layers go quickly, but the taller the Igloo gets the longer you have to let it set to dry: this helps prevent an obvious collapse from occurring during construction. We took advantage of the drying time by reading stories about Igloos, the Northern Lights, and the Iditarod!!



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