We’re Back!!

Whew!! It feels good to say that!! I’m not sure what happened; my life seemed to take a turn in 100 different directions all at once, and I truly lost focus!! It went from Summer spinning into Fall …preschool enrollment …fast forwarding to now pregnant with #3 and looking forward to what the future brings!!

I had to take a break from homeschool planning/doing for a bit to get things back in order. My intent is to start back full swing with homeschooling after the first of the year. However, Pumpkin LOVES doing school with mommy so what is mommy to do other than a little ….impromptu school!!

Pumpkin is learning to write and gets so excited when you let her practice!! Im just going to enjoy these moments from what I understand it doesn’t last long 🙂

And Im so excited to introduce our new classmate…K.Bear!! Yep, my baby girl is ready to learn with big sissy!! Making her “foot turkey” for Thanksgiving!! She is so proud..not bad for 16 months!! I can’t wait to see what January brings..thanks so much to all of you who have stuck with us on our much needed “down time!”

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