So I am anxiously awaiting my boxes of school supplies for Skinny Minnie! I made my first purchase yesterday from Discount School Supply! I was like a kid in a candy store clicking on all of the items (some for this year some for next). I will likely be putting in another order after I have saved some more money. I think I have a new addiction to buying educational items 🙂

After much contemplating, pondering, reading, and anxiety over what is “right” we have finally decided A is staying home for school again next year. Thanks to all of you veteran homeschoolers who have been so patient with me and my millions of questions.

This will likely be a year by year decision on our families behalf but it is truly a decision that I feel shouldn’t be taken lightly (despite the age of the child). I get a lot of “she is only 31/2 don’t worry” I just smile, nod, or bite my tongue because it is obvious to me at that point this individual does not share the same views on education as I do. My personal belief is that education and learning starts from the time a child is born. Parents are a child’s first and most important educator. No-one knows your child and his or her needs better than you!

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