1 sick Mama

So Sunday I had a touch of the flu; I guess you could say. I felt awful and what a real eye opener it was. I had a terrible headache, had the chills, and my stomach felt like I spent 3 hours riding the “tea cups” at Cedar point. Like most Moms you can’t simply lay there and feel sick…I had a 6 mo old playing on the floor squealing and a 3 year old who kept telling me how when I felt better I could play with her. My DH thank God kept the house in tact while I simply laid there. What an awful feeling as a Mom, but of coarse that got me to thinking….

How lucky I am! You are probably thinking, what? Lucky? You felt like you were going to throw up all over and your head was pounding like mad. Nope, I had to turn it into something good. I laid there and thought….how lucky I am to be able to play with my kids everyday! How lucky I am to cook, clean, and just do those everyday tasks that sometimes seem so trivial and repetitive. You know the ones I’m talking about like the laundry that NEVER goes away. I found myself appreciating the ability to do all of those things because not being able to made me want to cry. I started to think of those Moms who have illnesses and disabilities that keep them from “playing” everyday. So here’s wishing you and your family a happy, healthy, rest of the Winter!

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