Starting Tot School

Sunday officially started our first day of “Tot School” my intent was to start on a week day (very school like of me). However, Abby decided that Sunday was a great day for school. So that is just what we did. I had a few activities planned out for her and some were on the fly but none the less we had a blast! Our little tots are learning all of the time (they truly are sponges) they do not need a specific day of the week to be “school”!! So our “Tot School” started out Abby style of coarse with counting 10 M&M’s in a bowl.

After we counted the M&M’s we continued learning about numbers and made some sensory number cards. We used different colors of card stock, black magic marker, cotton balls, and glue. Abby put glue on the ink dots and then placed the corresponding number of cotton balls on each card.

Abby especially like the part where we got to push the cotton ball really hard to make it stick to the paper.

Our finished cotton ball cards came out great and we are having lots of fun working with them. We will be adding the actual numbers on the cards soon!!

After our sensory/number fun we decided that we would make our school board with the weather and days of the week. Abby had fun helping with the stapler and as you can tell she was a little frustrated when it came to putting the days of the week in the pocket.
We sang “Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday” While we put the board together.

A. loves to cut so we practiced cutting the lines which in turn ended up being tiny pieces of shredded paper that she didn’t want me to vacuum up. Of coarse I did anyways!

A little fun with water colors. It was more water than color but she enjoyed it.

Last but not least we settled in for a bit of story time on the couch and then we ended with a little movement and music lesson at the very end. Overall it was a great morning and I think A. really enjoyed her first day of “Tot School”.

For more ideas about “Tot School” I invite you to come join us and other families in the fun!!

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