Fall Lesson

We started the morning out writing #1, and tracing squares and triangles! A. did a great job she was very proud of herself and got a sticker on each one of her pages that she did. She was very excited about the new “Tinker Bell” stickers 🙂

A little practice with the squares…eventually they looked like circles but she got the point of tracing that was what mattered.

Then we took some time out to read some Fall books from the library and we began our lesson on Fall. We are in the process of putting our Fall lap book together.

After story time we went outside for a little scavenger hunt to see what interesting Fall findings we could collect. It was a bit chilly out but we enjoyed looking at the trees changing, the berries, and the different types of leaves.

Here was what we collected so far 🙂

For more exciting homeschool adventures check back with us soon and check out others that are participating in “Tot School” too!
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