Restful Nights

Ok so funny story I was laying in bed last night thinking about what to blog about today? Most people sleep I “blog-rest”! A typical night looks something like this for me;

7/7:30PM girls go to bed
7:30/8:00PM finish chores (laundry, dishes, whatever I didn’t get done)
8:00-9:30PM read (one of many books…I’ve got going)

The Duggars: 20 and Counting!: Raising One of America’s Largest Families–How they Do It

The Vaccine Guide: Risks and Benefits for Children and Adults

Twilight (The Twilight Saga, Book 1)

9:30 to bed I go (toss, turn, pray, think…10:00/10:15PM asleep)
11:00PM (K.bear gets up to nurse) 11:15 back to sleep…think, pray some more I may have dozed off the first time!!
1:00AM ..”Mommy”….(Pumpkins up going potty “will you cuddle?”)…cuddle for a few…doze off
back in my bed around 2:00 AM
2:30AM/3 K.bear want to nurse (again)
3:00-4:30/5:00 sound sleep….(WONDERFUL!)
5:00 K.bear is up and ready to go, eat breakfast with Daddy..see him off to work and that starts my day!

Are you exhausted?…..I am just thinking about it!! I have been asked a lot lately about “How do you do that?” I usually just say “How do you do it?”

If there is one thing I have learned with having kids there are some things you just “do”. There truly is no sense in whining about it who wants to listen to that? So for all my friends out there if you ever wonder why I don’t go out much at night…this would be why!! LOL

My attitude enjoy it now …because someday you’ll miss it!!

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  1. Ktown says:

    Wow – I don’t know how you function so well! I go to bed around the same time as you, but I get to sleep straight through until 5:30 when the alarm goes off. I think I will stop complaing about any lack of sleep and tiredness! Keep on Doing!

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