St. Patrick’s Day

So we began our St. Patrick’s day festivities with green pancakes which A. thought was very neat! I think she giggled the entire time she ate them.

We then moved onto a water color rainbow project. I had her make a pot of gold. I cut a half circle (our pot) and then she glued crinkled up yellow tissue paper pieces for the gold.

Our rainbow was mostly purple (her favorite color) we also read the book What Makes a Rainbow? We read this book several times and she now has it memorized and “reads” it to K. Bear!

For lunch we had our little friends over and made English Muffin Pizza’s (See the recipe below)

1 English Muffin or Bagel
1/2 c. of sauce
pepperoni, peppers, pineapple, any of your favorites
and go to town building your pizza masterpiece!!!

Here is what they looked like…served with some green veggies!!

O.K so I couldn’t resist putting my little bear up here too. She is not posted very often on the homeschool page but she is quickly learning new things. “Dada” and trying to scoot. Yeah, go little baby bear!

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