O’Tiny Little One!!

“O’Tiny Little One”, So Itty-Bitty and Small

What big lessons you have taught us all…
life is not measured by the breaths we take..
but rather by those we touch along our way!!

We all have a story to open and unfold….

Someday we will meet our Heavenly Father…
and then the questions left unanswered may then be told!!

“Little Angel” up above…
you are our shining light…
you are the star we pray towards at night!!

“Please Mommy, do not cry!”

“I am here with you always and forever..
until someday, we will be together!”

There are no guarantees in life…
but some things hold true…

“Little Angel” up above this much I can speak of you..
Your Mommy and your Daddy love you very much too!!

Until we meet again little one, so tiny and so small!!

Love, Aunt Jenny

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