Kiddie Cooking!

Pumpkin loves to help me in the kitchen so everyday I try to come up with at least one way she can “help mommy”. Since she is a die hard chocolate lover this particular day we made some chocolate covered strawberries for Daddy (we enjoyed a few too!). They were yummy! Pumpkin couldn’t wait to mix our melted chocolate. Melting, mixing, and making a mess what kid wouldn’t love to do this?

This was our end result we did have a few stems fall off in the process of dipping. However we just called those “dunker-roos” and those were the ones her and I ate.

And of coarse there was the licking of the spoon (that is the best part of being a kid…) O.k so I did sneak a lick too!

Lastly, our messy face says it all!!

It is so much fun cooking with kids (yes, stressful at times) Like when your mixing flour in the Kitchen-Aid and he or she feels called to turn it on full speed making a flour cloud in your kitchen. None the less it is lots of fun and what a fun way to learn counting, measuring, science, and family history. Not to mention for all my fellow scrappers great scrapbook memories too!

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