Saying Bye!

So have you ever wondered why people come in go in our lives? For what purpose does God put people in our lives just to take them away?

This thought crossed my mind several times yesterday as I was cleaning (for those of you that don’t know me personally I clean houses 1x a week for extra money). I knew last night we were going to be saying “bye” to one of our close friends and neighbors. We live in you could say an “odd little block”. Our neighbors are more like family than neighbors and we are VERY close with many families in our surrounding area. We eat meals together (weekends and during the week), our kids play together daily, spend holidays together, and just about anything you do with your family we do with our neighbors too! It is wonderful! So as you can imagine how saddened we must be seeing one family go. Pumpkin rolled over for the first time at this particular neighbors and also enjoyed her first trip “Up-North” with this family. We have spent numerous “Neighborhood Christmas Parties” there, New Years, bowling, and just weekend hang outs. Life will certainly be different, but on the upside we now have a new vacation spot to visit.

So when it comes to saying “good-bye” whether it is a temporary see you later, moving to a new location permanently, or when someone passes away. Think of how that person and/or persons has touched your life in some small way. I truly believe we are all here on earth to serve a purpose and with that said I challenge you….What is your purpose?

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