Fieldtrips and Fun

School these days has been more like one BIG field trip….the girls have enjoyed soaking up some Vit. D in the little pool! Have you noticed EVERYTHING goes in K’s mouth? Pumpkin never did this so it is still new to me…we recently went through the house and packed up all small piece toys so K. Bear who is now on the move does not choke!!

If I have never talked about K’s love for nursing well here goes; the girl LOVES to nurse…hates most foods but…..aaaaahaa I found something she likes POPSICLES…these are so yummy!!

8-10 oz of vanilla yogurt (I use organic…but it doesn’t have to be)
1 can (of the frozen…concentrate juice thawed)
mix vanilla yogurt and juice…freeze in popsicle containers, or dixie cup w/popsicle stick
freeze over night and voila…you have some yummy healthy treats!!

We have been to Birthday parties galore over here the latest was staring “DORA” and a clown!! The kids had a blast and it was funny to see how the once fear of “characters” so quickly turned into pure joy and excitement! Pumpkin is getting a butterfly tattoo!

Feel the love?….Pumpkin loved Dora!! She would dance, tickle, and just watch everything Dora did!
We also enjoyed some friend time (Aunt time too!) we went to see Sleeping Beauty the ballet at one of the local colleges in the area. It was put on by a childrens ballet company and was quite amazing. The best part was Pumpkin sat through the entire 2 hour performance!! Not a peep!! That’s quite an accomplishment for a 3 year old! Especially my go-go girl!!

So what does our Summer school schedule look like?

We will be continuing with our Summer playdates, adventures, and field trips! We will likely start “school” back up in July so that we can take the time off between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Pumpkin REALLY needs to work on her letters (any help on this would be ever so greatly appreciated!!) recognition, writing…etc. I can’t quite put my finger on it…just as I think she knows her letters she proves otherwise…and to make matters more complicated she is most definetly showing signs that she is ambitextrious!

There is a chance (I do say chance) that she might go to 4 yr old preschool in the Fall 3 days a week to see how “school” works. We may use next year as a trial run for her and see where she “fits” best home or school. We will however, continue to supplement at home if this is the case.

As for Mommy I am busy working on not 1 but 2 new business ventures and I look forward to sharing those…should be an adventure thats for sure!! I have always wanted my own business and decided now is the time to get moving…my goal is to supplement our families income in a way that would provide flexablity for a homeschool lifestyle if that is indeed the path our family takes. If not then we will hopefully have a bit of “play” $$!

Come check out other Tot-school families!!

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