Down and Dirty (Potty Talk)

Was she strong willed or a spirited child? Book after book; desperate for information and desperate for answers. I’m not a by the book parent what was I doing? I can’t stand the many labels we place on children, adults, and people in general. Did I need a label to make this better? I’m a behavioral science major with a focus on psychology. I should know this stuff, right? Truth, we are all just human and the question shouldn’t be what label he/she may be but rather how can we help him/her? I am not a medical doctor and never would claim to be one. I have countless hours clocked with working with children {not only my own but 23+ years worth of experience} also including 15 years experience with special needs. Therefore, I’d like to think I can spot something being off when I see it. 

With every passing day that went by I knew in the pit of my stomach something was not quite right; my something is off radar would ring and I would close my ears to its piercing sound. All of K.Bear’s well visits were proving her to be a healthy, growing, beautiful little girl. Why question the professionals? She is healthy; the end!

On the flip side there were so many still unanswered questions I could not seem to shake what child potty trains them self at 1 year old? Why so much “poop” drama as we would say. She ate the same as the rest of us; but, did she need to control that too? A control freak at one? Oh’ man we are in for it.

The days passed, as did the months, and another full year in fact before the pieces would be put together. The “poop” drama seemed to subside {a.k.a extreme constipation} and in fact turned quite the opposite. By the way since we are talking about “bathroom issues” I might also note the color at times was simply just not right. Surely, she must have eaten a popsicle with blue dye for that to occur. However, like any busy parent of now three children I never gave it a second thought. Looking back it was clearly my little girl’s intestinal track screaming for help. Now, was that the ringing bell I could hear?

“Gluten intolerance in children is becoming more and more common. Many parents are not even aware that their child has a gluten intolerance until the symptoms become noticeable enough and potentially disturbing. *

I was almost there. I may have been one step closer and holding the very key to an unlocked, unknown, world. We were clearly on a journey one we were very unfamiliar with. 

*sited from Gluten Intolerance School

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