Spinning By…Vertigo

These days lately are spinning by for me….literally!! I have had vertigo for 1 week today!! I have thought of every possible cause minor to serious and everything in between!! I have talked to others who have had it, read about it, and am virtually grasping at nothing. Been to the Dr. and the Chiropractor… please just stop spinning!!! I have been joking that I am on my own personal boat but let me be the first to tell you it is no picnic.

Chasing after kids trying….I do mean “trying” to keep the house tidy (I failed hopelessly at that this week) I just did not have the strength, energy, drive, or balance for that matter. Thanks to my mom for ever so graciously offering to come help next Wednesday 🙂

Spinning by …but life must go on….I have thought about this a lot in my “dizzy” little head these past few days!! Sure I would love to lay on the couch, sleep and just close my eyes (that does stop the spinning). However, the show must go on!! I have 2 little ones and a husband that are counting on me. Maybe this is God’s way of saying “slow down sister”!! With that said I will continue to be “wife” and “mommy” of coarse but that list of what is a “must do” “have to do” “want to do” “say yes to everything” “pleaser personality” is going to have to “slow down”!!

So my hope for you is that you too can look at what is important in your life? How you spend your time? Is it having meaningful conversations with your kids? Or worrying about the cloud of dust covering your TV? Your kids aren’t going to care that the TV is dusty (he/she will like writing his/her name in it..) I say this NOT ONLY as a challenge to you but to myself as well!!

Let my “spinning” be a lesson to all on how quickly life “spins past us”!! I invite you to spin back into the circle of what really matters!!