Pudding Painting

So if you read my other blog you know that I have had an awful lot on my plate lately, but that doesn’t stop a 1 and 4 year old from having fun!! Pumpkin is starting her 3rd week of preschool and seems to be enjoying herself. Im still not competely sold on the “school thing” I try to tell myself leave it alone there is enough going on right now. We have not let home schooling go by the way side we are keeping up with that as well so I thought (although a bit late) I would share our last days of summer pudding party!!

We invited a few of our neighborhood friends over . The kids each had a little container of pudding, a paint brush, and went to town!! At first the kids were not sure what to make of this…but quickly they caught on and went to town! Our pudding was chocolate and Pumpkin couldn’t resist to try a little. 🙂
Running around the back yard, squeals of laughter, and a real hoot to watch!! This ended up being one of my favorite Summer time memories!! We will certainly be doing this again. What a fun sensory activity. If you are lucky enough to live somewhere warm or if you have an Indian Summer you have to do this…bring out the camera and snap away!!

Time for a breather!! We washed the kids off with a hose and they were exhausted…just in time for dinner.