Thank the Lord!!

 All I have to say is “Thank the Lord” for digital camera’s!! Trying to get “1” good picture this year for our Christmas cards was worse than getting a root canal. It was dark outside not letting enough light in from the outdoors, the lights in the house made the kids orange, and the tree lights gave a ‘special’ fire type glow! I give/gave up….picked 3 out of the terrible options and by far have created the worst family cards in my opinion in 6 years. O’well the message is still the same “Merry Christmas and Happy New Year” and “Many warm blessings for a happy 2012”!!

 Hope you enjoy the laughs….the blurry pics


 Ugh, Another one bites the dust!


 She was soooo patient!!

 Are we done yet?

 Ahhhh, too much light!

 Getting old….

 Not bad 🙂


 The squeeze of death…

 Hey, lets see how many ornaments I can take off?


So close but sooo far!!


 Really, Mom, just stop already!!

 This one would have been cute..minus the blur and the light

 I told her big eyes…no squinting…this is what I got..LOL

 Serious face?

My Lord, I hope you all enjoyed this because…I personally wanted to cry and I’m sure my kids did too! Thank you God I didn’t have to print them all to view them 🙂