Five Minute Friday; Listen

So  we meet again. It is Friday you know where you hop over to the awesome Lisa-Jo Bakers sight and look for today’s prompt. Set your timer and you write for five minutes. That’s it! There is no editing, perfecting, or spell check going on it is just the real deal stemmed from one little word. Join in the #FMFPARTY



I know my house is no different than any other. It can get loud! Our home is not very large and with four children and two adults the busyness of life sort of takes over. It is easy to get distracted with all that needs to be done. There is the ‘must’ get done list, the ‘hope’ I get it done list, and of coarse I always have my ”wish list’. However, the noises of life are so great at times it is as if I walk in a circle achieving nothing.

I must learn to listen more intently to God. I must learn to focus on ‘his will’ for my day or I will achieve nothing. He listens to me so why is it that I get so distracted?

It is as if my brain needs to replace the coffee filter at times; keeping what is important and weeding out the unnecessary. I’m afraid my list of unnecessary is probably great. Our problems of laundry not getting put away, an unloaded dishwasher, a dirty car, etc. are so small to him. Why do we make such a big deal out of it then? Should my focus be else where?

I know I struggle to keep focused on what is truly important. In fact I may intentionally choose to do the opposite of what I know I should be doing at times; almost child like in a way. How can I teach my own children to make responsible choices when I myself don’t always do so.

Truth is, I need to listen more and maybe plan a little less. I am working towards accomplishing the more important things like; reading with my kids, playing, exploring the world around us, and simply soaking up all that it offers. I should focus more on others and less on myself and listen as ‘He’ directs me every step of the way.

My ‘problems’ although they seem great to me and the noise is often a constant distraction of what I ‘should’ be accomplishing. I know my prayers don’t go ignored ‘He’ is listening to me! Like a father listening intently to his child. My family deserves my full attention too!

Five Minute Friday