Ladybug Give Away (repost) !!

So I have never done a give away myself I always read all about them but to help “kick” things off for my new business adventures I figure “why not?” Here is how it works I will be giving away “1” lady bug hair clippie (as seen in my etsy shop….)

These are the ways you will be entered in the drawing (for multiple entries 1 or why not do them ALL!!) Drawing will take place June 27th (my sisters B-day!) Good Luck!!

1) Follow me

2) Put a post on your blog and link back to mine

3) Buy ANY item in either my BowTique Etsy shop or Dog Bakery and get 1 entry for every item purchased!

Let’s go “Ladies” 1, 2,3….give away starts..NOW!”

UP and Running!

O.k now that the business end of things are said and done and more onto production, marketing, and sales…I am back onto the home school track. My little one has been “off” since Easter and it is time to get back into gear. I am hoping to start back with some “school stuff” after the 4th of July weekend. In the mean time we have been doing a bit of this and a bit of that..

Most recently we enjoyed some “boat school” and had our first sleep over on the water. Now, that is how I think school should be 🙂 Pumpkin is really showing an interest in writing and I think that is where we will begin…..until then Mommy needs to start planning!!