Bowling Lesson Learned!

We recently took the kids bowling …this was Boo’s first time ever!!  Thanks to the “kiddie ramp” she did quite well. I do not remember those things when we were kids. I remember potty shots and jumping around like a frog just hoping my ball didn’t get stuck. Also the bumpers have come a long way too…no more big balloon type things the owner drags across the lane. These babies were long poles…controlled electronically. I guess some modern changes are for the better after all!!

Santa brought the family a Wii this year for Christmas so “real” bowling was a bit of a challenge for Pumpkin. Being a big 5 year old she certainly did not want to be seen using  a baby ramp!! Therefore, making the game a bit more difficult. At times, I just prayed the ball would make it down the lane (probably what my Mom used to do!).

We only played one game, but I was happy both girls were able to complete it in its entirety; scoring in the 80’s not bad!! Pumpkin pouted the entire way home because she did not get any spares or strikes!! She is used to scoring in the 100-200’s on the Wii with strikes being a regular in her game. Hmmm…thank you technology…

Boo and Daddy

Luckily, we were able to move forward and of coarse use this as a teaching lesson!! The girls tried their hardest, accomplished a goal (playing an entire game), it doesn’t matter who “wins”, and just be proud of yourself (Mommy and Daddy were proud too!).

So I leave you with the thought is modern technology helpful or hurtful? I like to think both!!