DIY Homemade Dye Free Snow Cone Recipe

DIY DYE FREE Snow Cone Recipe - Fun for the whole family! Dye Free, Allergy Friendly, Gluten, and Dairy Free too!

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Have you every made your own snow cones? Summer is just getting started and we are excited to ‘dive in’ . Here at “My Happy Homestead” there are some long standing traditions that have just become a staple –

Yes, making our own snow cones is really one of our ‘must do‘ homestead activities– no food dyes, no artificial ingredients- just memories. If there’s time in your schedule this one is super quick, easy, and inexpensive.

DIY Dye Free- Homemade Snow Cone Recipe - gluten and dairy free too!

Homemade Dye Free Snow Cones

Frozen fruit juice concentrate or berry sauce
Other Supplies Needed;
Snow cone cups and straws (we have these and love them)
Blender or snow cone machine
Prepare syrup. Simply combine 2 parts juice concentrate to 1 part water. You can also make your own berry sauce if preferred-it is just heavenly on a hot day. Thin berry sauce as needed with a bit of water. (Our most recent snow cones were orange pineapple…yummmmy!)
Shave ice in blender or if you have a cute little snow cone machine then use that. Using an ice cream scoop put desired amount of shaved ice in each of your snow cone cups-carefully pour syrup on top and dive in!

Printable Recipe


Make your own dye free snow cones like a Ninja - find out howLearn how to make your own dye free snow cones for summer - fun for the whole family. Mom and Kid approved!