Back at it…

Back at it…Preschool that is 🙂

I write this with much excitement and some hesitation!! It is official Pumpkin is going to go to preschool this year (4 year old…that is). There are several reasons why but a main reason is my current work schedule is just plain nuts. Between babysitting, cleaning, my etsy businesses, and everything else a mom must do no wonder I have had vertigo for over a month.. 🙂

With our current economy I didn’t feel comfortable not taking on work that was basically sitting in front of me. On the other hand it is killing me to let my baby go to school!!! I know she will be fine (its preschool for goodness sake) I do know she will pick up bad things as well as good…and over all she will probably enjoy herself a bit (I hope). With that monkey business out of the way you don’t think I would give up homeschooling do you? NO WAY!!

We started homeschooling last week Monday to get into a homeschool routine before “actual school” starts next week. Our fall schedule looks something like this:
Monday -School
Tuesday- Homeschool/MOPS 2 x’s a month
Thursday-Homeschool/Homeschool Co-op 2x’s a month
Friday – School
A bit chaotic yes, but I feel the need to continue with our homeschool work since it is still uncertain as to what we will do next fall for Kindergarten. Any comments on this matter would be warmly appreciated.

Homeschooling is a commitment and you have to be willing to make it one. It is more than school …it is a way of life and I do not feel that is something which should be taken lightly!! I did not feel that I would be able to sufficiently do lesson plans and carry them out with working 45+ hours a week!! Therefore, the best option for this year was school…with my hope, prayer, and every ounce of my energy zeroing in on next year!!

My goal for this year: Pay off… down….. save $$….= work less = Homeschool Next Year!!

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