Introducing Peaches!!

These days have been filled with fun, excitement, and a whole lot of craziness!! I have not had much time to blog 🙁 but there certainly has not been a shortage of activity in our home. I have started another babysitting/nanny position full time watching my friends sweet little “Peach” she is almost 4 months old and has been a real delight to welcome into our house!

I have waited until now to blog about her because I couldn’t come up with the perfect “blogger name” for her. After a short visit to a local Peach Festival in the area I thought “I’ve got it” “Peaches!”

Pumpkin just can’t get enough of Peaches she hugs her, kisses her, feeds her, and just can’t wait until the next day she is back here! I think she has inherited her mothers love of baby’s and caring for them. If I have never mentioned before how much Pumpkins personality reminds me of myself well here it is in writing!!

K.Bear has adapted well to our new little friend in the house too! I was a bit worried she would be jealous of a new baby around (the little ones are only 9 months apart after all) but she has done remarkably well. She dives right in and can’t wait to play with her!!

Welcome Peaches into our home and we hope you like it here as much as we like having you around 🙂

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