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So last week (or should I say month) I spent most of the month in a homeschooling slump. I thought I had things so organized and ready to go for Skinny Minnie and I quickly realized just how many activities an energetic, eager to learn 31/2 year old can tackle in a days work. So I have been at it again. Starting this week I am going to start some new activities, new organization systems, and new lesson plans (a bit more structured)!! As she is getting older I believe she needs the structure and reinforcement of time to guide her in her learning adventure. I can’t wait I hope she likes it! I thought I would give a glimpse of what we will be doing.

This weeks “Playful Preschooler” curriculum
Language; A and B
Math; 1 and 2
Geography; Africa, and Map of the USA (focus states Kentucky, New Hampshire)
Science; Ant Farm, and Blue Birds
Bible; Read “Adam and Eve” Bible vs. 13:1-8 “Love
Craft; Bird feeder
Song; Baa Baa Black Sheep
Lap Book; Grocery Store

Check back later this week to see how things are working out for us. Plus I have added “Mr.Linky” to my blog so that we can all join in the fun together so link up and start sharing your “Playful Preschool” fun! Share, support, and encourage each other along this learning adventure with your wee ones.

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