Good Mom Vs. Bad Mom

To those of you with kids you all know what I am talking about the “Good Mom” vs. the “Bad Mom” feeling you have inside on any particular day. The “Good Mom” took the kids to the library, made a picnic lunch, read books, and played pretend all day. The “Bad Mom” played a bit during the day but spent a better portion of the day cleaning up messes, made important phone calls, and kept say “one more minute”. We have all had them the “good days” and the “bad days”. Sometimes its not even an entire day that you are the “Good Mom” or the “Bad Mom” it can go back and forth all in a days work.

Let this be a reminder that our children although they do like structure and cleanliness; what they really want is you!! So declare today as a “Good Mom” day and play all day…make a special dinner with your kids, and just enjoy them!

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  1. Laurie says:

    Hi there. I can totally relate to the Good vs Bad mom. I struggle with this through out the day and sometimes it seems as though being a good mommy t one of my 3 means I am feeling like a bad mommy to one of the other two.
    Ahh…mother’s guilt.


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