Wee Explore Alabama

Amazingly enough I have managed to snap a few pictures of our lessons on Alabama and Space!! We have officially wrapped up our ice skating lessons, we have 12 weeks left of Kindergarten (so I am in the trenches of planning next year), we are loving our AHG group, and there are 4 weeks left of our homeschool enrichment co-op. I can feel Spring coming!!! Whoohooo for an end insight to this lovely, cold, snowy winter!!

 Pumpkin has really taken a liking to coloring so completing her Yellow Hammer was truly a work of art. It came out beautifully. Boo liked mostly playing with the glue of coarse but she did participate. Did you know that the Yellow Hammer eats MORE ants than any other American bird?

We reviewed our 5 Senses and learned about Helen Keller. We played a game of “Put the Moon in Space” this was a great way to have fun with our corresponding space unit. Pumpkin and Boo both enjoyed being blindfolded and loved getting around relying on their other senses.  

Be sure to request your free Braille ABC Card 

For lots of  Alabama Activities and an awesome Space Unit (thanks for a job well done Musings of Me!!) be sure to click on the links I have included!

 Dot-to-Dot of Alabama

Your son or daughter might also like the  USA Dot-to-Dot….

Some other fun Alabama Activities;

We made beautiful Camelia’s using tissue paper (sorry no pics. on this one!) tissue paper, glue, and a messy 2 year old…need I say more?

Be sure to visit the Museum for a Virtual tour

Put together your own “Discovery” box (we did not get a chance to do this…maybe in the future)!!

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