The “Key” and a Special Note

SPECIAL NOTE: Thank you, to all of those who have expressed concern, worry, and been praying for us {prayers are always appreciated though}. I wanted to clear the air this is our story; one of our past. We are going on two years of gluten and dairy free {although some dairy has been reintroduced with success}. K.Bear is growing, thriving, sleeping, and tantrum free. I hope you will continue to follow along as I share more of our behind the scenes story. I’m truly in awe of how many God has brought to this table to gather around our story. See you Monday! Have a blessed weekend…this mommas going unplugged!

“The very “key” I held in my hand the very thing we need to survive…food. Food is what made her act this way. The food I ingested and proceeded to nurse her with was transferred to her tiny body. A tiny body never able to digest gluten and dairy the same as you and I.” 

*As with anything please consult a medical professional before making any life changing decisions. None of this is intended as medical advice and should not be used as such. This is our story in hopes of helping others. I am available for further guidance and support but please seek a licensed medical professional for any and all medical attention you feel might be needed. 


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