6 Things to Do When Teaching Sign Language to Your Baby

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Well, it is hard to believe that my baby is already 8 months old!! I still find it ironic that the days seem to pass so incredibly slow at times. Sometimes dragging on for what would seem to be days -especially when Daddy is working 70 hrs a week (whew, I don’t miss those days).


However, as long as the days may seem; the months, and years are just flying by.
For those of you that know our little K.bear (now, Crafty Bee) you know what a blessing she is. She is a sweet little spit-fire, a ball of energy, she doesn’t want to miss a thing, and is a ‘doesn’t like you in her face kind of kid’. She loves her family and hates the world!! I have never seen such a little one with a big personality.

6 Things to Do When Teaching Your Baby Sign Language
Obviously being 8 mo’s old we don’t “do” school with K.bear but we do continue to sign to her (just as we did with Music Bee). Some basic signs that we do with our children; eat, milk, apple, cup, more, all done, thank-you, and book
For those of you that our not familiar with signing to infants I start around 6 months of age with our kids. I choose 6 months more for myself than anything they are starting new things (foods, putting sounds together, and his/her personalities are developing quickly) it is an easy transition to add to things you are already doing.

Infant signing was a life saver with my first and I couldn’t imagine it any other way. I never recall (well… maybe a few times) not being able to communicate with Pumpkin. Shortly after birth children are equipped with the ability to comprehend language although most do not produce spoken words until 12-24 mo. The muscles/coordination in his or her mouth are not fully developed before then (i.e tongue, lips, mouth) to produce speech. “In the mid 1990’s it was revealed that, contrary to belief, signing does not deter or delay your child from speaking. It actually encourages earlier communication. Sign enables a child to be an active communicator at a much earlier age. “- Born2Sign.

Signing has actually been proven to increase ones vocabulary – Pumpkin (now Music Bee) is certainly proof of that! Signing did not hinder her love of the spoken word it only helped eliminate frustrations in those early months.

6 Things to Do When Teaching Sign Language to Your Baby

Be consistent

Be patient

Be encouraging

Be excited about what you are showing them

Teach others in the home/family the signs

Have fun!!!

Here are some of our personal favorite “baby school” and “baby sign language” resources/links (some are affiliate/some are not) 

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Eliminating meal time frustrations was one of the biggest blessings to signing with our babies.


We literally wore our signing time videos out!

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Here is a great resource – simply click on the word and see the video of the sign…

Baby Sign Language Dictionary