Pumpkin Turns “4”

My sweet little girl turned the big “4” yesterday 9/20/09
She is thrilled to pieces to be a “big girl” !!
As her mom I couldn’t be more proud of her she is a gentle spirit, mommy’s helper, a social butterfly, a ball of energy, sure to never miss a dime, and truly one of God’s little blessings!!
Pumpkin was born 9.20.05 at 4:20AM 6 lbs 9 oz 19in long
She adopted the nick name Pumpkin almost the minute she was born with her full cheeks and big brown eyes (don’t forget the dimple).

I have found myself wondering more times than not lately…Where has time gone? And….Please God make it SLOW DOWN!!!

Listening to the radio in the car the other day a song came on the radio it was an instant flash back of my own childhood (all to realize….O’NO…could it be….this song was on the oldie station…ahhhhh!!) So of coarse I did what any cool mom would do with no kids in the car I quickly changed the channel to a new “dance” station just to realize the fast talking song I was listening to had a nice beat but the words? Ugh!! Well we’ll save that for a rainy day 🙂

As time passes quickly I feel the need to capture every minute with my husband, children, and family. I find myself reflecting on the important things in life, where am I going, what have I done, what do I want my children to remember, so many thoughts so little time. Time is of the essence!! So grab your little ones and give them a squeeze…because 1 soon becomes 2 …2 becomes 3 and before you know….BAM “4”!! Something happens at “4” they are no longer baby’s that need swaddling and no longer toddlers with tantrums…they are “little people”!!

Among Pumpkins many accomplishment these days some of her biggest and most memorable are swimming under water in Nonna and Papa’s pool. The girl loves to swim and she is so proud of this new accomplishment. She learned to pump a swing this Summer saving mommy’s arm at the park 🙂 . She is writing her name, learning that letters make words, and things are just starting to “click”! With preschool, homeschool, and soccer this girl has one crazy schedule…but she wouldn’t have it any other way. Rarely, is there a day that goes by that she doesn’t ask “what are we doing today?”

With such grace, love, and kindness Pumpkin you make me smile everyday!! You are loved more than you could ever know. Your sweet disposition and love for life is unbelievably catchy. Watching you grow into quite the “little lady” although it makes me sad to watch the time pass so quickly I rest assured knowing this; you will grow up to do great things, be blessed, love God, love others, bless others, and live life to its absolute fullest!!

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